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123helpme is a life saver for anyone with essay writing obligations. Writing essays can be both mentally and physically challenging. The reason is that you, first of all, need time to brainstorm your ideas. Then, you have to write everything down. It is very time-consuming. Plus, you are bound to make mistakes. This could be even worse when you don’t know much about the topic. Maybe you need an essay written for you just this once.

In practice, a lot of people need essay(s) written for them are afraid of legal issues. And that is why this site is so good. It provides you with a wide variety of essays. The platform offers many papers written on different academic topics. So, you are most likely to see one you might be interested in when you are looking for inspiration online.

Regarding the legal issues, there are no worries. Most of the essays are collected from free essay databases, which are then put together. What sets 123helpme.com apart from other platforms, is that you can use most of their essays for free. As you know, other sites may charge money when you use them.

123helpme also offers some other free services, such as guidelines on how to write better academic assignments, tips on writing, and free essay examples. Now, you can argue that you can find equally useful guides and tips elsewhere. But this site puts all of them in one place.

However, like they say in economics, every good thing has a downside. So, the bad thing about this site is that it offers essays of very different quality. The assignments have different color codes, based on these qualities. The latter include grammatical accuracy, composition arrangement, and reliability of information.

One of the important facts about the site is that they have no writers of their own. That means that the essays are not written by platform staff members. In other words, you should not expect their free essays to be of high quality. But the good news is that there are still some high-quality papers out there. As the colors will indicate, all assignments vary from good to the best. Still, not all the essays there are free. You need to actually pay to use some of the better samples. You do get to have a preview of the essay before you purchase it, though. Still, if you think of it, your money may be worth spending elsewhere.

Furthermore, like every site out there, you can also run into problems on this site. Let’s suppose that you’ve run into problems of some sort. And let’s say that you want to contact the site customer support. Generally, there is a chat room for that purpose. You can quickly reach out to customer support group and get help as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this site does not have that. Instead, it uses the old-fashioned e-mail system. This means that you send your problem through email to complain center. Then one of the customer support representatives receives your email and replies to it… God knows how long it can take. It really depends on how often the customer support checks their inbox.

Based on numerous 123helpme.com reviews out there, the customer support service is very slow. In addition, what complaint could you possibly have? Knowing that all of their essays are not theirs, there is not much that they can do. Frankly, you cannot really blame them for the papers they didn’t write. So, you will not get much out of the customer support.

You are probably thinking how you could make the most out of this website without running into trouble or wasting money. You can take the safest route and use their free essays merely for ideas and inspirations for your own paper. Of course, this can take up a lot of time, which is something that you may not have at the moment. Regardless, we do not recommend you to copy and paste the entire essay you download from the site. You must read its content through first. If you don’t, you will put yourself at risk, because you may end up submitting a lousy essay under your name. You can make time to read the paper so that you can verify that the quality is acceptable and the information is correct. If the content is good enough, then you can use the entire essay. If not, you can revise it. So far, this is the safest way to use the site to its fullest potential without wasting a penny.

It is true that 123helpme.com can save you some money. But you should not really depend on the site too much. Finally, we don’t encourage you to spend any money on this website. You can find other reasons why it is unwise to spend money on that site by looking at the 123helpme reviews by its customers out there.

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