EduBirdie Review

It is by no means uncommon for students to seek outside help with their assignments. Often, the curriculum is just too heavily loaded to expect students to complete all papers themselves. Besides, a student may have a lot of other important errands to run. Regardless of the reasons, it is a known fact that there is a market for custom writing help for students of all academic levels, and this market is full of offers. Naturally, when a company charges for its services, a client has every right to expect quality work, and a student ordering a custom-written academic paper should be no exception. If you are a student in need of professional help with your writing, it is up to you to choose the right company to put your trust into. The best way to make the right choice is to read the reviews of various custom essay writing services. Today, we present to you our review.

If you look through the talks about custom academic writing services in places like Reddit, you will find that a particular name pops up quite frequently and catches the eye – EduBirdie. Many users praise this company for its quality writing, timely delivery, and other perks. With that in mind, we have decided to see for ourselves how good EduBirdie is at what they are doing and whether they deserve the praise they get.

Our EduBirdie experience starts with their website. There is an entire “family” of websites in this niche, all developed by Boosta company. So, is not anything special here – in fact, website looks quite generic. On the bright side, it can be viewed as user-friendliness. Truly, the site is very intuitive and easily navigable. You are immediately informed that the prices begin at $18 per page and are offered to place an order by choosing the assignment type and entering your email address.

We were in no rush, so we took a little more time to look around. We also took a little time to think that $18 per page is a bit more expensive than the average rate online, but perfectly justified if the job is done well. Returning to the website, if you scroll down a bit, it introduces you to the writers. You can see their nicknames, photos, the number of projects that they have done, and their individual customer testimonials. Based on that, you can choose a writer for your project yourself. You can specify that when you contact EduBirdie’s customer support agent via live chat, which you can also do on the website.

Another pleasant perk is that you get an unlimited number of revisions, and you only pay when you decide that you have the paper that you desire. This should mean that EduBirdie staff are so confident about the quality of their work that they are convinced that any customer will be happy with the first draft they come up with. This is an encouraging thing to know.

So, we have decided to place a simple order – an average 5-paragraph essay in English Literature. It was nothing special, something that any student would be able to do him- or herself, given enough time. We have looked through the writers and picked the one with splendid reviews and a considerable amount of accomplished orders. We have set the deadline for three days.

As we were promised, we have got our custom written essay in due time. Unfortunately, though, the quality of the paper was somewhat less than we expected, so we had to exercise our free revisions right. Even though we didn’t have to pay extra for these revisions, we had to wait until we got the result that we had hoped for. If this had been a real-life situation where a student gives the writing company the same deadline s/he got from his or her professor, this could cause the student him- or herself missing the deadline, which, in turn, could lead to serious problems.

However, you can often negotiate the deadline with the professor, especially if we talk about a regular 5-page essay. Nevertheless, the essay has to be properly written. Unfortunately, EduBirdie has failed us here as well. We asked a professor to give the essay a look, and she said that – even on a first glance – she could see that this writing would get a satisfactory mark in the best case scenario. So, one may assume that EduBirdie’s writers and proofreaders are not professors – or, at least, not all of them. It could be that we have just picked the wrong writer for the job, but that would be odd, considering all the positive reviews.

To wrap up our EduBirdie review, we recommend looking for another place to order your essay. It shouldn’t be any problem if you are ready to pay $18 per page. There are plenty of custom essay writing companies that will deliver a quality product on time, without having you waste time on revisions and getting a C even then.

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