how to write an essay

How to write a good essay

The ability to write a good essay is necessary for successful study in higher educational institutions. The initial skills of such skills are imparted in high school in literature and history classes. But the former schoolchildren will already be seriously in high schools to sharpen the style, logic and personal opinion. So how to write an essay that will delight the teacher?

1. An essay is a literary genre, implying that the worker has his own opinion and excellent knowledge of a given topic, a good style and language. Work on the essay includes several stages. The first stage is thinking about the problem. Make sure that your knowledge on a given topic is exhaustive. To do this, you should not read one, but several literary, critical or scientific works. As you read, take notes, write out and compare facts. Develop your own argument to be able to defend a personal point of view. If possible, read the research from the opposite point of view. This will help you build counter arguments.
2. The second stage is the actual writing of the essay. Most often, an essay is a small work, including an introduction, main part and conclusion. The introduction should include a summary of your position, its rationale. Try to intrigue the reader by immediately stating the main idea of ​​your work. The main part should reveal the essay topic based on all your conclusions, arguments and evidence. Break the main part into paragraphs and consider only one thought within one of them. Make sure that the paragraphs are logical. It is appropriate to use your own life examples and quotes. However, this should be done in moderation. Write clearly and concisely, avoid common words and hackneyed expressions. Remember, you are not expected to flowery phrases, and disclosing the topic. But do not overly generalize. In the process of work, be sure to make footnotes and references to the works used. In the final part, repeat your main point, briefly recall all the important arguments. Draw parallels with the introduction.
3. The third stage is the verification and improvement of the written. Re-read the essay text. Do not you repeat? Are all parts interconnected and logical? Is the style of the essay preserved from beginning to end? Is there a highlight in your creation? If possible, let the competent person read the essay and listen to his opinion. Try to shorten the text as much as possible – no empty reasoning, rhetoric and negligence. Following these rules, you can write not just a good, but an excellent essay and get a well-deserved appreciation.


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